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We know the Netherlands through and through!!

Let’s face it: switching jobs can be a big deal. Throw in a move to a new country to switch jobs, maybe in a new role or with a new employer, and it’s an even bigger deal that can fill your head with questions.

That’s where NLrelocation comes in. Read more about us.

We offer all the services that you and your staff who are coming to, or leaving, the Netherlands will need in order to answer those questions. And we can tailor those services to meet your relocation requirements and theirs.

We know the Netherlands inside out: the whys and the wherefores, the ins and outs, the do’s and don’ts—and a few tips and tricks besides. That’s why we’re so effective at helping your staff to settle in, orient themselves, and get through their moving to-do list in short order.

No to-do list? No problem! We take a structured and well-ordered approach that helps your staff get to know the ropes quickly so they can be on their own two feet in no time.

Even before your new staff member leaves their home country, we can get to work making sure everything druing their relocation will go like clockwork.

Whether your staff members will be coming from within the European Union or outside, both you and they will want to make sure everything goes smoothly, with no nasty surprises.

NLrelocation will be with you for as long as it takes, from the first plans to move to the Netherlands through to any relocation back to home. Feel free to contact us!

relocation services

The full package or “a la carte”

Here is a selection of the specific relocation services we offer. From these, we can craft an offering that is just right for you, your staff members, and their family.

  • customised analysis, so we can start understanding the current situation and determining your needs
  • budget guidelines, so we can tell you which services will fit the budget.
  • pre-arrival check list
  • timely preparation and legalisation of documents such as birth and marriage certificates, and diplomas
Newcomers from outside the EU.

  • visa applications
  • applications for work and residence permits
  • permit renewals

For straightforward cases, we keep things simple. But should your current or future staff member run into a thicket of red tape, we can bring our considerable experience to bear to help make sure that it’s all plain sailing.

You don’t want the stress and expense of extricating your staff member from reams of red tape. You do want a predictable process that yields results in a timely fashion.

NLrelocation can help make that happen.

When it comes to finding a home for your staff member and their family, is it going to be renting, or buying? Renting first, then buying later? Whatever part of the Netherlands they’ll be settling down in, we’ll present a range of options that will help make finding a home, and the decisions that go with it, go as smoothly as possible.

There are a thousand and one other details to sort through, from selecting an Internet and cable provider, to choosing a utility company.

Here are the kinds of service we can offer:

  • an assessment of your staff member’s needs, based on discussions with you and them, that also takes in such relevant factors as budget, lifestyle, proximity to work and to schools
  • getting in touch with real-estate agents
  • drawing up and maintaining a list of places
  • accompanying the staff member to viewings
  • helping the staff member make an offer and negotiate the numbers
  • checking draft lease contract or mortgage documents
  • doing the first walk-through with the staff member
  • presenting a range of options for all utilities, and for Internet, phone, and cable
  • handling applications for all utilities, and for Internet, phone, and cable
  • if needed, presenting options for renting furniture
  • making all arrangements for rental and delivery of furniture
The last thing you want as an employer is to have a staff member starting off in a new job or a new role while they’re still at their wits’ end trying to figure out how to get their Dutch ID card issued or registration with their new municipality straightened out.

If only that were all there was to it. But there are a slew of banks out there, and not all were created equal. And what about finding a family doctor who has the kind of bedside manner that works for your staff member and their family?

These nitty-gritty decisions can mean a slew of further minor headaches, to say nothing of how much of your staff members’ time they can eat up.

What you do want is a staff member who shows up in the Netherlands ready to hit the ground running.

By offering support where it’s needed throughout these processes, we help make that happen.

Here are some of the things we can help with:

  • registration with the local municipality
  • advice and support in choosing a bank
  • help with opening a bank account
  • finding a family doctor and dentist
  • If needed, offering advice and support in choosing other healthcare options
  • advice and support in choosing insurance options: life, property, liability, and so on
The Netherlands is home to a plethora of schools and even school systems: British, French, German, American, American-International, Japanese, European, International, Dutch-International…oh, and Dutch. Even within the one system there can be a lot of options to choose from.

And that’s just the start of it. What about those placement tests? Which schools will offer the best support for switching between systems and integrating into the new academic and cultural environment? And what about after-school care?

For families with young children, choosing the right crèche, and securing a place in it for the little one, can be a further challenge.

Making all these choices, and making the choices work, can be a bit overwhelming but it doesn’t have to be. Far from it: we can help your staff members with school-age children to exploring the most suitable options. And again, that exploration begins well before the family leaves their home country.

Here are just some of the ways we can help with:

  • making initial inquiries about applicable fees, placement tests, and the availability or otherwise of places
  • accompanying the staff member and their family on school visits
  • in cases where the employer subsidises tuition, finding out what the staff member’s responsibilities are
  • offering support with the application process
  • for families with little ones, offering advice and support in choosing the right crèche and submitting the application
  • exploring options for after-school care, and offering support with the application
Even a move from one part of town to another can be a major cause of stress. And when it comes to moving to a new country, which may also be in a new continent, your staff could probably do with a little help—or maybe even more than a little.

NLrelocation has a boatload of experience that can help ensure your staff member’s moving experience is hassle-free, even downright pleasant.

Here are some of the services we can offer:

  • assessing the staff member’s needs
  • offering advice and support in the choice of an international mover
  • soliciting and comparing bids, and negotiating pricing
  • handling all the administrative to-do’s of the move
Some staff members may wish to import a car. Others may wish to buy a new one, or a used one, in the Netherlands, or go for a green-wheels option.

For a car that’s to be imported European Union, it’s important to find that knows the ins and outs of making sure the car passes inspections for road-worthiness, adherence to emissions standards, and so on. then there’s the matter of getting Dutch license plates, and having the car registered.

More hurdles to clear and NLrelocation has the experience and the know-how to clear them.

Here are some of the services on our menu:

  • exploring all of the options, including pricing and logistical arrangements, for importing a car to the Netherlands
  • offering advice and administrative support for registering a new or imported vehicle
  • exploring the best options for car insurance
  • helping see to it that everything is in order when it comes to drivers’ licenses
  • obtaining a parking permit
A staff member moving to a new country, possibly with a family, will find a lot of things that take getting used to. No employer wants their international staff feeling left out in their new environment. So whether it’s about getting started on a new language, or helping spouses in their own job search, NLrelocation can help make your staff, and their families, feel right at home from the start.

Here are some of the services we can offer:

  • arranging for cultural training, so staff members can acclimate themselves quickly
  • selecting and applying for language courses
  • offering assistance to spouses
  • on request and as applicable, helping spouses secure meaningful employment
Services for staff leaving the Netherlands
For those staff members who leave the Netherlands once their assignment is complete, NLrelocation can be on hand once again to come up with a customized exit plan that will smooth the way for next leg of the journey or the return home.

Our services here include:

  • help with ending the lease (and securing the return of the deposit!)
  • as applicable, support in selling, or renting out, any property purchased
  • closing all utilities as well as internet, cable, and phone accounts
  • de-registering with the municipality and, if applicable, the immigration service
  • if needed, support for exporting cars


What other people say about NLrelocation

“. . . . . I would like to take the opportunity to thank you for all your support in our relocation. It was invaluable to have you help us with all the formalities and with finding our beautiful home. Relocating halfway around the world during a pandemic was not easy but you took away so much of the stress. Thank you very, very much . . . . “

V. Pollard , Expats

“. . . . . Sandra was nothing short of incredible when arranging our residence permits. From the very beginning, all the paperwork, appointments and necessary organisation was handled for us. Sandra kept us informed throughout the entire process, and replied to or followed up our queries with lightning bolt speed! Despite our challenges of being physically outside of The Netherlands, the pandemic, Brexit and changing immigration rules, Sandra overcame each obstacle with grace, precision and competency. Thank you so much for all of your support – we are truly grateful and feel blessed to finally be here together. We couldn’t have done this without you, you are our Dutch angel. . . . “

Amy and Suyog , Expats

“. . . . . As everybody knows, or start to know when moving, the process of renting a house is not something easy in The Netherlands. Specially because we did this movement in a critic period of pandemic. The support from Sandra was crucial to achieve this goal in a short period of twenty days. She understood very well our circumstances and wishes, we did the necessary corrections along the process and at the end we were inside our apartment with everything settle: internet, energy, water, etc… This seems to be something simple, but considering all language and cultural barriers, specificities etc… was of great help. Besides that, she is a very polite person, opened mind and so it was a great pleasure meeting her . . . . “

Leandro and Fernanda , Expats

…. …..It is not only I who is very satisfied with NLrelocation’s personal and professional involvement, but the expats in question are also very impressed with their personal approach and attention…. ….”

A. Keuter, HR Operations Supervisor
Svitzer Salvage B.V.

about us

NLrelocation is situated in Rotterdam and founded in 2007. Over the years we have built up a network of highly qualified local relocation consultants who have the know-how your staff members need. This makes us very flexible, so we can support companies large and small, no matter the budget or relocation requirements, anywhere in the Netherlands.

We know the Netherlands, with all its, quirks, inside out. And you can always count on us for that personal touch.
Please do get in touch to find out more about our company. We would love to hear from you!


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